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Opening of VIGILAT: The Nadur Basilica Museum

Sunday 26th June 2022 at 10.30am.

Today was a special day in Nadur as the locality celebrates the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. On the occasion of the feast, its museum was officially inaugurated which houses all precious and sacred objects that have defined the history of this parish since its establishment towards the end of the seventeenth century.

Vigilat is the new Nadur parish museum which is located on the top floor of the complex that houses the local Parish Centre. The museum is like a walking through the 344 years of history of this parish and contains objects that have even been saved from the first parish church of the village together with a wooden model of the Collegiate Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The Curator of the Nadur Parish Museum, Daniel Meilak, stated that this project, in addition to documenting history, is an educational means for visitors to understand history and also to appreciate the present.

Among the items there is the altar of the first Parish Church, as well as works of art by renowned artists in Malta such as Francesco Saverio Sciortin , Emvin Cremona, Ġanni Vella and Lazzaro Pisani.

Daniel Meilak – curator of the Nadur Parish Church

The project was coordinated by Canon Reuben Micallef who said there is already a plan to further develop the museum. He even told TVMnews that this is the first phase of the museum.

The plan is to continue to develop it and increase its size to be able so that exhibits that are not yet accessible to the public can find their rightful place here, so that those visiting can get an idea of ​​the riches of this artistic, cultural and historical heritage of the Nadur parish.

Canon Reuben Micallef – project coordinator Nadur Paris museum

The Nadur Parish museum was inaugurated by Archpriest Mons Jimmy Xerri.