Christmasl It has been a long time since I wrote something for you dear readers of  our website. Now that Christmas is near I would like to say a word to all of you.
2014  has brought with it many good things for all of us. Some unexpected  things may also have happened to all of us. I would like to invite you all to the Novena which will be startng on 15/12. at 5.00p.m.  Mass of Christmas eve will be celebrated exactly at 12.00a.m.  and after the celebration we invite you all to some refreshements  in the Parish centre.
The Luminaria  review will be distributed these coming days, together with an insert  with the whole Christmas and Eucharistic programme for the end of the year  Kwaranturi.
We have  distributed the parish Calendar  and we thank all those who gave their offering. We still have some copies of the calendar in the parish office. I suggest  that you send a copy to your relatives overseas. It will make a beautiful present and will be useful for a whole year.
I send you all my best regards. May Christ Jesus, who came among find a manger in our hearts.

Rev Jimmy Scerri (Archpriest)


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