Canti d’Angoscia

Canti_d_Angoscia_NadurNadur’s Mnarja Philharmonic Band will be holding a vocal and instrumental Concert of Sacred Music titled Canti d’Angoscia at the MBC Theatre, Nadur, om Saturday, the 19th of March, starting at 7.30pm.

This event is being organised by the Mnarja Philharmonic Society as part of its participation in Lent and Easter celebrations in Nadur, Gozo.

The concert will include excerpts of sacred and religious nature as also excerpts with biblical connotations including: “Abide with Me,”, Aria from “Mose,” Preghiera from “Nabucco,” Slaves Chorus from “Nabucco,” Ave Maria on Intermezzo from “Cavelleria Rusticana,” “Adagio Cantabile,” “The Ten Commandments” and Intermezzo from “Amico Fritz.”